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We specializes in manufacturing printed food packaging bags and boxes, such as paper bags and paper boxes, as well as printing catalogues and booklets. Our primary printed paper products include paper food packaging, food paper bag, paper box,  fast food box, hamburger box, fried chicken box, Kraft paper bag, brown paper bag, food white paper bag, food label, food paper box, medicine box, paper card, post card, booklet, pamphlet, airplane food box, shopping bag, bread bag etc

Fast food paper packaging (for direct contact with food)
Our fast food paper boxes, white and brown kraft paper bags, etc., are all produced and stored in GMP standard workshops and warehouses.
Our clients include Yum!(KFC, Pizza-hut) and McDonalds.

Carton boxes and corrugated carton boxes (outer packaging of various products)
we've established a special department for designing paper boxes, cartons, and corrugated boxes. You will receive an exclusive box design for your product, whether medicine, cosmetic, electronic products, or any other goods.
Some of our clients are Nestle, Johnson's, Roche, Nepia, P&G, Kimberly-Clark, Sony, Kodak and Philips.

Catalogues, booklets, etc.
--we can provide saddle-stitched and perfect bound instruction manuals, labels and tags, greeting cards, or any other paper cards, brochures, pamphlets, folders, etc. Our products are used in the autoMobileile, electronics, and advertising industries, among others.
Some of our clients are GM, and Wal-Mart.

As a result of our attention to quality, we have received the ISO90001, ISO14001, ISO22000, AIB, and HACCP certificates, and our printed paper packaging boxes and advertising materials are widely used in Britain, America, France, Japan, etc. We have an annual production of 1.1 billion paper bags and paper boxes, so we are capable of filling any paper packaging needs you may have.
We provides not only food packaging products, but also paper packaging designs and paper printing solutions (advertising material designs etc.). We look forward to doing business with you.
    1. Paper Box (Directly contact food)
      1. A kind of food packaging box, directly contact with food is possible for our high hygienic standard:
      (1) Raw material: 200g-300g food grade ...
    1. Paper Bag (Directly contact food)
      Descriptions of White Kraft Paper Bag:
      1. A kind of food packaging bag, could contact with food directly for our food grade raw materials and GMP standard ...
    1. Carton Box
      Our paper boxes could be used as biscuits boxes, cookies boxes, candy boxes, coffee boxes etc. as well as food packaging boxes for various foods which are not ...
    1. Corrugated Carton Box
      1. All our corrugated boxed for food and beverage are produced strictly conform to the standard of ISO9001 and HACCP systems ...
    1. Catalogue / Booklet
      1. Wide variety:
      Saddle-stitched catalogues, booklets, brochures, instruction manual, users' manual books etc. are all available ...